This home fitness regimen is made up of 4 DVDs, including:

  • Volume 1: Workout for upper body
  • Volume 2: Workout for lower body
  • Volume 3: Core and abs workout
  • Volume 4: Circuit cardio workout


  • The exercises will not only make you look ripped and buff, but, they build functional strength as well.
  • With its cardio circuit workout, you can get rid of excess fat in your body and improve stamina.
  • An amazing series of exercises that can be performed in 30 minutes or less.


  • As with other DVD workouts, Extreme Kettlebell Workouts can be done right in the comfort of your own home using only kettlebells.
  • The instructions for the exercises are very clear and detailed.
  • Extreme Kettlebell Workouts is by far one of the most affordable workout DVDs on the market today.
  • The videos aren’t flashy by any means, but they are full of helpful and incredible content.
  • Steve Cotter is truly a great instructor. Unlike most gym instructors, he emphasizes proper form and teaches about other aspects of fitness, something that you won’t normally find in other fitness instructional videos.
  • The workouts aren’t long and tedious.
  • The Extreme Kettlebell Workouts is arguably the best kettlebell training program to date.
  • It is a well-rounded and systematic program.
  • It’s a great introduction to the world of kettlebells.


  • You need to buy at least 6 pairs of kettlebells for this workout or one that is adjustable.
  • No diet plan included.
  • The film production may not be pleasing to the eyes of its users.
  • No background music, though depending on the individual this may be a pro.

What Customers Say

Steve Cotter’s Extreme Kettlebell Workouts has scored an impressive Amazon customer rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars. What’s more, most of its users have left positive comments for this DVD workout system

One customer said that the exercise combinations of this workout were useful, and the instructions for the exercises were very clear. Another customer has stated that Steve Cotter’s Extreme Kettlebell Workouts is the best fitness system when it comes to building muscles.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Steve Cotter’s Extreme Kettlebell Workouts is a dynamic training program that can elevate your fitness levels in a variety of ways. Not only will it build, strong, functional, and good-looking muscles, but, it also boosts your stamina, endurance, and overall conditioning.

Additionally, it burns fat and can greatly accelerate your weight loss efforts. Moreover, it teaches you how to exercise with kettlebells, which are often touted as the best fitness equipment today.

While it doesn’t have a flashy production set and cool background music, it is still an exciting and fun program that can give P90x a run for it


Mixing business and pleasure has often been a hard thing to pull off. Most people view workouts as tedious yet necessary activities, in hopes of achieving the physical fitness that they desire. What about dancing? Is that pleasurable? Most people will agree that it is. Zumba Fitness Incredible Results DVD promises to not only help you burn off some of those pesky calories but, it makes sure that you will have fun doing it. Enjoy yourself, and dance to the music! How it Works Dancing is very similar to swimming. They are usually viewed as leisure activities, but they often imply a large amount of effort. Think of all the muscle groups that you have to employ, in order to pull off even the simplest of routines. If you have to work out and stay fit, you might as well have fun while doing it. Anyone who has ever been out for a night of dancing can tell you that they really worked up a sweat. You are not only stimulating multiple muscle groups, you are also strengthening your basal metabolism, helping you to burn calories at a much faster rate. It’s a very simple concept, and in this simplicity people often find very positive and encouraging results. Zumba is a fitness program that centers around dancing, and the Zumba Fitness Incredible Results DVD package provides a ton of benefits and features to allow anyone to reach optimal fitness levels. What’s Included: • The Rizer- a simple yet effective tool in your weight loss arsenal. As its name suggests, it is an elevated platform with a small surface area that is used in the routines shown on the DVD. • The 40 minute Quick Start & the 20 Minute Express workouts that provide a basic introduction into Zumba routines, and then followed by an intensive workout designed to burn fat and calories. • Super Cardio Dance Party along with some Cardio Burst Interval training workouts that last a total of 50 minutes. These feature a series of rapid, burst movements that will really kick start your metabolism with fun and supercharged workout. • Zumba Step featuring the Rizer Workout – A solid 45-minute workout that focuses on your legs and glutes. It combines step aerobics and standard Zumba choreography. • The Burn Workout (30 minutes) & Amazing Abs Bonus Workout (15 minutes) – An innovative live class that is designed to burn fatty tissue. After its completion, an intense vertical workout for your abdominal muscles will follow. • Zumba Max Bonus DVD – This one saves you the trouble of having to go to Miami in order to attend one of the famous Beto classes. Rigorous workouts, set to the tune of Brazilian beats. Having fun has never been healthier! Features: • Easy to use with instructions for all exercises. • Workouts can be done in the privacy of your own home. • Fun, exciting, and motivational workout leaders. • Includes nutrition tips that will assure that your body will stay healthy as it sheds those dreaded extra pounds. • Includes, all necessary equipment. • Equipment that is small and does not require lots of space for use or storage. Benefits: Easily Fits Any Schedule The workouts are versatile and can fit into anyone’s schedule. No more missing workouts because something changed in your schedule or because the gym is closed. A New Body At A Reasonable Price Your most attractive features will be toned as you lose fat to muscle. You will become lean, mean, and most importantly, very attractive. Given the amount of content, the price is quite reasonable. Zumba is a world-renowned exercise program that is not only effective but, fun. This program incorporates the best Zumba moves, but, adds more to tone and trim to the best music. Fun Workouts And Training Many people do not want to exercise because they find it boring. This DVD set is the answer to that problem. Clear Instructions For All Moves The workout instructors on this DVD, Loretta, and Hermann take you through the basic moves and so whether you are a Zumba pro or a newcomer, you will be able to follow along without issue. What Customers Say The Zumba Fitness Incredible Results DVD has earned an impressive 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars from more than 170 customers on its Amazon page. It is a popular product that is praised by customers who have used it and find it to be an effective and fun way to bring cardio and muscle toning exercise to their lives. Many comments on how fun it is, easy to use, and are in general are impressed with this hardcore workout that is disguised as a pleasant afternoon activity. One customer says that the workouts are fast-paced keeping you moving. They also commented on the fact that the instruction is enough to understand the basics, and all the routines include easy to understand non-verbal cues so you never miss a beat and can follow along easily. Is This A Recommended Product? Want to get a new body? Love to dance and want to enjoy a fun and riveting workout to great music? If you answered yes, then this Zumba workout program is for you. In fact, Zumba is truly the Swiss army knife of workouts. And, with its high ratings and raving reviews from customers, you can feel secure that the program works and works quite well. Why not try it out? All you have to lose is fat.